Warranty and Disclaimer


At Mystical Tails, we are committed to delivering exceptional quality in every product that enhances your dog’s adventures. Our hardware, made from premium 316 stainless steel grade, ensures durability and strength. While all of the hardware used is warrantied against breakage for the duration of the product’s life, in the rare occurrence that the hardware fails, we will replace the hardware free of charge (shipping excluded). We suggest inspecting your items regularly.


Should the metal hardware fail during the lifetime of the product, despite its robust design, we will replace it at no charge for the hardware itself (shipping costs not included). We recommend regular inspections of your Mystical Tails gear to ensure ongoing performance and safety.

Please be aware that while our stainless steel hardware is highly resistant to corrosion, exposure to harsh environments like salt water should be followed by cleaning with soap and water to maintain its condition.

This warranty does not cover damages from wear and tear, misuse, chewing, or the effects of topical flea and tick treatments, which may discolour or damage the product. For all warranty inquiries, please contact us at gear@mysticaltails.com.

NOTE: Most of our hardware is made from robust stainless steel to ensure maximum durability and corrosion resistance. However, please be aware that the carabiner clip is constructed from aluminum, while the arcane buckle and claw clip are made from zinc alloy. Regular wear of the hardware is cosmetic and is not considered a defect. Our extensive selection of stainless steel options offers superior corrosion resistance and is available for most of our products.


While we strive to provide high-quality foil stamping and vinyl lettering, we cannot guarantee its durability under all circumstances. The longevity and performance of the vinyl lettering depend on several factors, including:

1. Activities with Your Dog: Foil Stamping/Vinyl Lettering may be subject to wear and tear if it comes into direct contact with your dog, especially during play, scratching, or chewing.

2. Exposure to Elements: Prolonged exposure to harsh weather conditions, such as extreme heat, cold, rain, or direct sunlight, can affect the adhesive properties and colour retention of the Foil Stamp/Vinyl Letter.

3. Texture of BIOTHANE®: BIOTHANE® often has an embossed, leather-like texture that may not provide a completely smooth surface for adhesion. Different colours of Biothane may also exhibit varying levels of texture. While we strive for strong adhesion, it may not always be 100% due to the texture of the material.

Please note that while our Foil Stamp/Vinyl Letter is designed to be durable and long-lasting, it is important to take proper care to maximize its lifespan. We recommend the following precautions:

– Avoid prolonged exposure to extreme weather conditions.
– Regularly inspect the Foil Stamp/Vinyl Letter for signs of wear, peeling, or fading.
– Clean the foil with a mild, non-abrasive cleanser as needed.

Please be aware that any damage to the Foil Stamp/Vinyl Letter due to the factors mentioned above is not covered under our warranty. Any product purchased with personalization is considered FINAL SALE. If you have any concerns or questions about the care and maintenance of your Foil Stamp/Vinyl Letter, please feel free to contact us.


We have made every effort to display as accurately as possible the colors of our products that appear on our website. However, due to monitor discrepancies, we cannot guarantee that your display of color will be accurate.



Each item is handmade and may vary slightly from the product photo. These variations are what make your piece unique. We strive to create items as we would want to receive them if we were the customer. If the item does not meet our standards, it does not get shipped out.



All our products are handmade to order and therefore, we are unable to accept returns or exchanges unless there is a warranty issue.

Before ordering, please ensure to properly measure your pet’s neck to ensure you order the right size of collar. If you have any questions about sizing before ordering please contact us through our Facebook Messenger or email us at gear@mysticaltails.com – we would love to help ensure you order exactly what you want.



Customers who use our products acknowledge that Mystical Tails shall not be liable or responsible to any person, pet or entity for loss or damage caused, or alleged to have been caused, directly or indirectly by or from the products, information or ideas contained, suggested or referenced in any of our marketing material, packaging or website.

  • Never at any time place a collar/harness that is too tight or too loose around the dog’s neck.
  • Always make sure that your dog is under supervision when using Mystical Tails products.
  • If your dog is an excessive puller, please consider a harness or simply use the collar as an accessory.
  • Never attempt to place a faulty or broken collar/leash on your pet.

Owners must ensure they buy the correct size for their pet and check the item fits properly prior to use. Please refer to the sizing options on each product page.


If you need more information, contact our Customer care service at gear@mysticaltails.com