3 FT. Swivel Coupler Leash


Key Features of the ORTHRUS Coupler:

  1. Mythological Inspiration: Named after the two-headed dog from Greek mythology, ORTHRUS is a fitting name for a coupler designed to manage multiple dogs.
  2. Effortless Multi-Dog Walks: With the ORTHRUS coupler, walking multiple dogs becomes a breeze, allowing you to enjoy walks with ease and control.
  3. Genuine BIOTHANE® Durability: Crafted with genuine BIOTHANE® webbing, the coupler ensures durability and longevity, ready for the challenges of outdoor adventures.
  4. Swiveling Trigger Snaps: The trigger snaps on the ORTHRUS coupler swivel, simplifying attachment and detachment, preventing your leash from tangling into a mess.
IMPORTANT NOTE: If you have larger dogs or dogs that tend to pull strongly, we strongly recommend upgrading to the carabiner for enhanced strength and durability.
Please note: colors may vary due to how monitors show colours differently
We warranty our hardware for the lifetime of the products.
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