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1.5″ Wide Belt Buckle Style Martingale Design


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Introducing the COMET+ Martingale Collar - Waterproof, Stink-Proof, and Durable - for your beloved canine companions with longer necks or larger breeds. Here are the key features and benefits that make this collar a top choice:

  1. Waterproof Durability: Crafted from BIOTHANE®, the COMET+ collar can brave the elements. It remains strong even when your pet enjoys rainy escapades or explores muddy terrain, ensuring both style and comfort.
  2. Stink-Proof Design: No more lingering odours from your adventures. Our stink-proof material keeps the collar fresh, even after the messiest outings.
  3. Martingale Style: The 1.5" wide Martingale design ensures a secure and comfortable fit for larger dogs with long necks. It distributes leash pressure evenly and prevents escapes, prioritizing safety and control.
  4. Custom Tailoring: Each COMET+ collar is meticulously customized to your pet's specific size, providing a snug and comfortable fit. We understand that every dog is unique, and we take pride in crafting the perfect collar for your companion.
  5. Ideal for Outdoor Enthusiasts: For adventurers who love the outdoors and their loyal sidekicks, the COMET+ collar is the perfect companion. It seamlessly combines functionality and style, allowing you to explore the world together harmoniously.

Elevate your pet's outdoor experience with the COMET+ Martingale Collar - it's the ultimate choice for pet owners who seek the best for their adventurous companions, marrying technical precision with formal elegance.

NOTE: Chainlink only come in stainless option.


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