Limited Slip Style Collar

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Key Features of the KRONOS Slip Collar:

  1. Innovative Design: KRONOS, the twin brother of Orbit, offers an innovative twist on the slip collar for dogs who are prone to tracheal issues who still want the benefits of a slip collar.
  2. Waterproof and Stink-Proof: Crafted from waterproof and stink-proof materials, the KRONOS collar ensures long-lasting freshness and functionality.
  3. Limited Slip Feature: The KRONOS slip collar incorporates a limited slip mechanism, ensuring it won't constrict too tightly around your dog's neck, enhancing safety and comfort.
  4. Ride or Die Durability: Experience the reliability and durability of the KRONOS slip collar, making it a trusted choice for your loyal companion's daily adventures.


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1 review for Kronos

  1. Jenn W

    Literally my absolute favourite collar. Easy slip on and slip off, which is perfect for my guy Indy. Fits like a glove so you know they can’t easily come off while running around in fields etc. the heat stamp name is engraved absolutely gorgeous and subtle, which was exactly what I wanted.

    • mysticaltails

      Thank you Jenn! Glad to hear it’s been working out well for you! Happy Adventuring!

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