Hydra 1/2″ 8 FT (BLACK)

Multipurpose 9-in-1 Leash


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       Key Features:

  1. Versatility: Provides nine (or more) distinct configurations for different usage scenarios.
  2. Configurations: Classic leash, waist leash, cross-body leash, coupler, slip leash, dual connection, half-length leash, quick tie, and adjustable length.
  3. Material: Constructed with BIOTHANE®  material for durability and strength.
  4. Connectors: Equipped with a Trigger Snap and D-rings on both ends.
  5. Attachment Points: Two BIOTHANE®  loops with integrated O-rings.
  6. Hardware Options: Offers a choice of hardware configurations to meet specific preferences.

The HYDRA 9-in-1 Leash is a highly versatile and adaptable pet restraint system suitable for various applications. This leash boasts nine distinct configurations, including classic, waist, cross-body, coupler, slip, dual connection, half-length, and quick tie, in addition to its adjustable length feature. Constructed from robust BIOTHANE® material, it offers exceptional durability and strength. The leash is equipped with a Trigger Snap and D-rings at both ends, ensuring secure and reliable connections. Further enhancing its utility are two BIOTHANE® loops, each featuring integrated O-rings. Custom lengths are offered to guarantee a perfect fit. Additionally, users can select from various hardware options to tailor the leash to their specific requirements. The HYDRA leash stands as an exemplar of both versatility and style in the market.

Please note:
  • If you plan to use as a waist leash, measure the circumference of your waist and then add the length of leash you want after that.
  • If using as a coupler, the length will be divided in half once two dog are connected.
  • Hardware upgrade only applies to one end of the leash. Please contact us prior to purchasing  if you require a different version.
Please note: colors may vary due to how monitors show colours differently
We warranty our hardware for the lifetime of the products.
Contact us if you have any additional questions!


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