How to measure Dog Collars

by | Oct 23, 2022

How to measure Dog Collars







8-12 IN.

10-14 IN.

15-19 IN.

20-24 IN.

25-29 IN.


The most ideal measurement would be your pet’s neck measurement in inches, and not an old collar. Always go by the dog’s neck size and only use this as a guideline. Please keep in mind that if your old collar has a different buckle type, the measurements will differ.

We recommend measuring your dog’s actual neck and only using the old collar as a way to double check.

When purchasing an adjustable collar, ensure that your dog’s measurement fit within the collar’s sizing range. For example: if your dog’s neck measures 16 inches, it is appropriate to order a Medium, which has a size range of 15” – 19” inches.


  1. Measure your dog’s neck around where your dog’s collar typically rests, ensure that it is snug and not tight using a soft measuring tape. You should have the ability to insert 2 fingers and slip them behind the tape measure.
  2. Measure an old collar by laying it beside the measuring tape and ensure that the collar is as flat as possible. Carefully measure from the indicated spot in image below to whatever is the current hole being used. DO NOT MEASURE FROM END TO END.

We highly suggest that you measure both ways, this should be roughly the same measurement as each other.


Care Instructions for your MT Gear

Mystical Tails Gear only uses products that are durable, functional and with style. We always aim to make products that can withstand all of your fun adventures 365 days of the year. While the materials and construction are designed to be durable and resilient, there are a few normal ‘wear and tear’ things that can happen over time.

Below are a few tips to keep your MT GEAR good as new:

  • Quick clean: Use a damp towel, a baby wipe, or a sanitizing wipe. This will work great for everyday surface dust and dirt.
  • Deep Clean: Use mild soapy water and soak your gear for a few minutes. Wipe your gear down with a soft sponge to remove the dirt, then rinse and towel dry.
  • Extra scrubbing option: For stubborn patches (, spray a mild cleaner or some rubbing alcohol directly on the spot, let it sit, and then wipe with a cloth, a sponge, or a light abrasive like an old toothbrush. Avoid using heavy abrasives (i.e. steel wool).
  • Salt water adventures: Rinse your gear ASAP, especially the hardware, using fresh water to prevent corrosion from the salt water.
  • Brighter colors: Lighter BioThane® colors show more dust, dirt and grime that may require more frequent cleaning to stay looking fresh.
  • Tarnish from the metal hardware may sometimes transfer onto the BioThane® webbing and may require some additional scrubbing to remove the discoloration.
  • While BioThane® is an incredibly durable and resilient material that can withstand MOST of the dirt and grime it comes across, please note that it is not completely stain proof in all circumstances.



Mystical Tails uses steel hardware sealed with zinc alloy and protective top coating. This simply means that they are constructed from a durable zinc metal base metal, coated with a secondary material such as copper for better adhesion, and then topped with the final layer that you see such as Nickel or Antique Brass (or powder-coated for black hardware pieces).

The top coating helps to prevent rust, however over time it can still corrode due to exposure to the elements. This is natural and cannot be avoided.

Over time with use, it is normal for this coating to wear causing the color of the hardware to change – this change is aesthetic only and does not affect the durability of the hardware. The rate and degree to which this finish wears can depend on a variety of factors such as how often your dog wears the collar and the type of elements they are exposed to.

After exposure to salt water, dirt, grime or sand, we highly suggest washing your gear ASAP with a mild soap, rinse and let it air dry completely to reduce the chances of your hardware tarnishing.

Abrasive actions such as scratching, rubbing against other hardware components (leash clasps, ID tags, etc), or contact with hard/abrasive surfaces (rubbing against concrete, etc) will cause faster wear.


Tarnish is a thin layer of discoloration that forms over metals over time caused by a natural oxidation process and is a completely natural occurrence.

To avoid the tarnish from transferring onto your webbing, simply polish the hardware on a regular basis.Use an old toothbrush and a mild detergent to clean your hardware components.

Just a friendly reminder:

  • Harsh cleaners, topical flea/tick products, and other harsh chemicals can discolor or change the texture of the hardware.
  • Our BioThane® and its hardware components can only be hand washed. Do not wash them in the dishwasher or washing machine on a heated cycle.
  • Allow your MT GEAR to completely dry before storing, this is to avoid premature wearing of hardware components.

Please contact us if you have any more questions. Happy adventuring!